Martial Arts Wooden Dummy


It does not matter if you are a Shifu (teacher) of a wing chun school, a first-time student doing a self-defense course, a student of the life of Ip man or a movie fan of Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. I have created this model of “wooden dummy” for all those people who want to practice this noble martial art.
This new model of removable wooden doll will allow you to learn and put into practice all the movements and techniques of wing chun in the comfort of your living room. Why this design can be assembled and disassembled in seconds and once saved takes the form of a simple piece of furniture.
Once stored inside the box, it can be used for other functions, such as: auxiliary lounge table, with cushions can be used as an armchair, as a support for other sports practices (“steps”, high pressures, squats …) . You can also use the box to store other objects when the dummy is mounted and thus have another storage room at home.
The body of the dummy, the arms and legs are made of pine conca flandes of first quality, which is why it is very stable and strong. It perfectly resists all blows and torsions.
The box is made with MDF high density board which gives the box a perfect weight and hardness to give maximum stability to the dummy.
The manufacturing method is fully traditional, it only has white glue in the joints.
The assembly is easy and intuitive, it does not require any tool for it since it only needs to assemble the pieces and place the pins in the holes.